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Ten Reasons Not to Miss USCJ Convention

USCJ Convention, held this December 1-5, is the largest gathering of Conservative Jewish leaders, thinkers and doers in North America. Join hundreds of rabbis, executive directors, presidents, educators, millennials and others as we tackle the big questions facing kehillot (Jewish communities inside and outside the walls of a synagogue) and leave inspired and empowered with new ideas, strategies and skills to strengthen our communities back home.

Among the many reasons to attend this year’s gathering, you won’t want to miss these top-10 opportunities:

  1. Date: Schedule one-on-one consultations with lay leaders, expert practitioners and USCJ staff on issues like strategic planning, marketing and interfaith inclusion.
  2. Travel: Get inspired and empowered during a private tour of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, where you’ll travel back in time to Atlanta’s Civil Rights Movement.
  3. Listen: Be captivated by Broadway vocalist Neshama Carlebach, who performs heartfelt gospel accompanied by her new band and members of the Glory to God Singers.
  4. Pray: Celebrate with Nava Tehila, one of Israel’s most innovative Jewish prayer communities, who creates welcoming and engaging spiritual musical experiences. 
  5. Move: Participate in a Shabbat experience like no other, featuring prayer through movement and sound via kirtan chanting, as well as a vibrant Havdalah concert.
  6. Create: One of three program tracks, Create New Paradigms explores how our Jewish communities can embrace an authentic and dynamic Judaism for the 21st
  7. Elevate: At Elevate Key Jewish Moments, gain the tools you’ll need to ensure teenagers, empty nesters and millennials find Judaism at the center of their most pivotal moments.
  8. Renew: Join us as we reignite our Jewish passions. Renew Our Fires sessions provide insight into how our communities pray, study, advocate, learn and relate to Israel.
  9. Explore: Spend five days in Atlanta, Georgia’s state capital and the home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Catch a downtown streetcar to Edgewood Avenue, just one block from Dr. King’s historic birthplace.
  10. Learn: Hear from diverse speakers like the Atlantic’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg, who, during the Palestinian uprising, served as a guard at Israel’s largest prison camp.

Your participation will help make USCJ Convention 2017 a transformative experience. Register by Thursday, November 30.

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