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The list of registrants for USCJ Convention 2017 is growing every day!

Join friends, colleagues and fellow influencers at the largest gathering of Conservative Jewish leaders, thinkers and doers from December 1-5 2017 at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta, GA.

Early Bird Registration is available: up to $200 off through 8/31 #DareTogether




Read Rabbi Wernick’s Remarks From the Knesset 

Read Rabbi Wernick’s remarks from July 11 at a meeting of the Knesset Committee on Aliyah and Absorption, dedicated to the issues of Jewish Pluralism in Israel. Included are links to recent press coverage of his reaction to recent Israeli government decisions.



thicker-line2Is Your Kehilla Transitioning Leadership? Let us Know and Take Our Survey

Being that this is the most common time of the year when many kehillot see changes in their volunteer leadership, we extend a well deserved yasher koach to board members at the end of their terms and wish hatzlacha to those starting theirs. We’re looking forward to working with you and encourage you to complete this short survey to let us know when your leadership transitions are occurring and to provide us with new names and contact information.

Do you have new staff as well? We’d love to welcome them. Please also share their names and contact information with us at



From the USCJ Kehilla Strengthening and Transformation Department:

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  • The Church of Crossfit:Many popular forms or exercise and self-care use religious language to attract participants and explain the value-added of adding this regimen to one’s daily life. Read this article in The Atlantic about how crossfit brands itself as a kind of religious experience to devoted participants.
  • “Praygrounds” Encourage Little Children to Come:Every synagogue wants to believe it is family-friendly, yet few of them consider the implications of what it would mean to take that idea seriously. Here is an article in Interpreter Magazine about how some churches are placing children at the center of the action.
  • Untangling Your Organization’s Decision-Making:Making decisions is a core part of leadership, yet many organizations and synagogues struggle to make decisions both large and small. Read this article from McKinsey & Company about how to ensure lean decision-making in your organization.

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