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Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, brought about the establishment of the State of Israel, and views a Jewish, Zionist, democratic and secure State of Israel to be the expression of the common responsibility of the Jewish people for its continuity and future.

Project Zugot

The Pacific Southwest Region of United Synagogue announces a new program of involvement and support for the Masorti Movement in Israel. PROJECT ZUGOT will enable every Conservative congregation to build a stronger connection with Israel in general, and with the Masorti Movement, in particular. YOUR Congregation's Israel Committee (and if there is not now o­ne, this will help you form o­ne), will be greatly enhanced by participating in the Regional Zugot Project.

What can we be doing?

Raise awareness in your congregation: Many of our own United Synagogue members have little or no knowledge about the Masorti Movement, or about the religious reality in Israel. Arrange for a speaker from the Regional Israel Desk to come and speak to your congregations — from the bimah, at a town meeting, at a teach-in. We will provide materials and help you prepare, as well as notify you of visits by Masorti leaders.

Choose a congregational project: Using the attached brochure, decide which of the projects you would like to be a part of. We will help you tailor a program that fits your congregation's interest, needs and abilities. Here are a few examples:

Pair with a Masorti congregation in Israel: this can be o­n an informational basis —a place to visit when congregants go, a place for common projects, B'nai Mitzvah twinnings, children with special needs, social action projects, even leadership development programs such as our USY/NOAM interchange program — and/or, o­n a financial support level, by offering a family associate membership category with your Masorti kehillah, or help fund a special project such as the purchase of Masorti (rather than the state-issued Orthodox) siddurim, youth equipment, and basic synagogue furniture (such as replacing non plastic lawn chairs).

Adopt a NOAM (youth) project: Through our own youth department, or on a full synagogue level, you can develop joint projects & letter writing as well as financial help to fund youth participation in Noam events and/or to attend Camp Ramah-NOAM. This is where Israeli youth learn and connect with the ideals of Conservative Judaism. NOAM's success is our success!

Twin with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah child with special needs: This is a great idea for your B'nai Mitzvah families — share the joy of their progress and perhaps encourage your kids to share a part of their gifts. Keep the connections real by speaking about these special-needs children at your services.

Adopt a NOAM soldier or NOAM Garin: Support the soldiers through their Army service. This can be done with care packages, letters and community prayers.

Take action in the political campaign for recognition government funding and for the Masorti Movement's public relations campaign: Learn how to engage your congregants in letter writing to the Israeli Government and newspapers. Encourage individuals and congregational missions to Israel to meet with the Knesset members as well as with Masorti leaders and congregants. And encourage your congregants to tell their own Israeli family and friends about your congregation's involvement and support of Masorti.

JOIN MERCAZ, the Conservative Movement's Zionist Organization: The number of members who join and maintain their annual membership in MERCAZ is essential to our lobbying efforts within the World Zionist body politic. MERCAZ brings the full weight of the Conservative Movement to bear o­n behalf of religious pluralism and government funding for Masorti Judaism. MERCAZ forms are available at your synagogue office or the regional office.

Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center

In the heart of Jerusalem, on Agron Street, you can find the new home for North American Conservative Jews, The Fuchsberg Center. Housed in the Center are such programs of the Movement as NATIV, Israel Pilgrimage, the Conservative Yeshiva, the Center on Campus for North American students and the Project Oded Continuing Education Program. The Center also includes a 200+ rooms Guest House. It is a unique, and must see, tourist stop for visitors to Israel.

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